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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 17:22:17 EDT

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<< Here's my preferred fix: pick any level of support you like. Say,  the one with the most people in it. Then, 'convert' your other  supporters into 'equivalents' at that level, in the ratio 8:4:1.  That is, an extraordinary guy is worth 2 totals, or 8 ordinaries,  and so on. Then total up these 'supporter equivalent values', and  look it up on the appropriate column. >>

I like this fix, as relatively easy to do. I also liked your other fix (ie. throwing your family down a well) as it gave a good game rule incentive for human sacrifice. I even like Thom's analysis and think it is especially plausible for teenagers ("aw mum! your sooooooo embarrasing....and you muck up my community participation bonus at this teen party").

The fix that I had in mind was to count yourself as part of your own community, immediately making it the extraordinary support column which determined the numbers anyway, but making the number before the slash irrelevant. (unless you were less than enthusiastic about the project yourself - apathetic 17W?)

Keith N

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