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 Jonas Schiött:
> Quick summary:

> 1) Powers are tough to learn.>>

Agreed. It seems to me that there is intensive training involved in mysticism; the focus is on training, rather than sacrific, worship, veneration etc. So although, in Glorantha, the training is hard and intensive, in the rules I feel mystics should be good at training - good at increasing the skills of their dojo. I feel that this might make a bit of difference -say increasing by 2 (or even D6 - heresy wrong dice!) points instead of one (this also makes 'keeping balanced' more interesting). Not really sure, but that is one area that I think I might change.

> 2) Powers suck.

I have no ideas on this yet.

Other strange mystic things:

Community support seems an odd thing to have if you are refuting the world. Should mystics use this? I am reminded of the hermit in a hole from the Life of Brian. The mystic should be saying 'go away!' to would be supporters.

Alien World modifier - although the Otherworld is all the same Garden of Temptation to mystics, I think it would make more sense for them to be able to at least Refute the alien world modifier in some way - if only to make them playable> Although in theory a mystic character wouldn't want to be 'playable':

"if I sit here quietly for long enough doing nothing then no one will possibly write a RPG system about me"

As opposed to the Godlearner view:
"let's classify the world in such a way as to make it all seem like a game rule construct in some notional RPG system, then we'll be famous!"

Keith N    

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