Re: Time:Scene, Phase, rounds?

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 14:16:50 -0400

> > "So," you may ask, "how long does a spell last"? Until the end of the
> > contest, or when your narrator tells you that it wears off.
> >
> Fine. Is there any thing as a Spell/Feat casting time?Suppose two of the players
> states that they are meleeing with guards
> and a third one states that he wishes to use a Feat/spell
> (How many
> "blows"/ bid will there be on one the melee side of the scene before
> the Spell/Feat takes action ).

It takes a round. Casting the spell/feat takes up that person's action in the round. Its an unrelated action at that.  

> But may be I'm completely missing the point. I think the key of my
> difficulties is syncronization of the actions/intents of the players/NPCs
> which may be irelevant with the HW. After all I don't think many
> peoples would state that extrapolation mechanisms such
> as the Battle Skill in Pendragon are difficult to follow. But still,
> as I'll ask my player to describ the action they do to explain their
> Bids, I'd like to know when they can state a new intent when they are
> not part of the extended contest.
> Charles

If you are present, you're a part of the contest, quite possibly. But in that case it would be either concurrent or the magic-slingers are taking unrelated actions. Since they are in the vicinty, some unkind stranger may decide to toss a javlin through them or puncture their epidermis with a chunk of bronze...

Jeff Kyer

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