Re: Moon Magic Modifiers

From: Philippe Krait <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 08:47:58 +0100 wrote:
> From: "Nick Brooke" <Nick_Brooke_at_...>

> >> So a typical Lunar worshipper's magic gets *worse* if she steps
> >> inside the Glowline on a Full Moon day? Seems pretty absurd to me...
> > Yep, all hail that wacky Red Moon....
> Nah, that's just silly. You've got it wrong. We know it doesn't work this
> way. Try again.

I might be stepping in a lot of trouble here, but I actually like this explanation. Inside the glowline, the face of the moon is serene and the sea is calm, everybody floats on it the same way. Outside of it, the goddess pounds the unbelievers with the waves of her might. Sometimes the wave is high, and she is able to carry you over dry sand to conquer new land, sometimes the wave is low and you are left stranded to test your faith. It is all cyclical and beautiful, and no mere mini-maxing consideration about precise multiplying factors (joke here) is going to detract me from that point of view.

And all of this coming from a guy who absolutely hated lunars and the lunar way (RQ II Orlanthi education, you know)...

> (BTW, let me guess: does this come from the same guy who once decided the
> Red Moon was always visibly full inside the Glowline, and never visible
> outside it?)

By the way, I also liked that one a lot. The Red Moon is not only a celestial body, there is also a huge mystical side of it which has absolutely no counterpart in our sadly mundane world. Havind differences like that based on theological and magical arguments (rather than stupid mundane things like light waves and interferences or photons) is something which, to me, adds a lot of flavour to Glorantha.


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