Strong Horses

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 03:56:56 EDT

Wulf Corbett:

<< Strong 18 looks low to me, although it is only a pony, and I've no idea
how big/small a Ralian pony is, >>

     Not very.

<<and anyway if an average human is only Large 6, that's OK... But how do you
calculate it's carrying capacity? How do you figure if it can carry TWO average humans? >>

    I doubt it could.

<<Do you add the Large 6 together to make a 12?>>

    Twice large 6 would probably be higher than 12, if anything.

<< You could say 'Use common

 sense', but I'm afraid my knowledge of Ralian ponies doesn't go far enough to cover carrying capacity,>>

    The actual entry in AR provides a description of Ralian ponies and compares them with other breeds of horse. There is plenty of text in AR, not just the numbers! ;-)

<< and I'm not too sure how many Kg there are in a Large... >>

    Not a fixed amount, as the scale is not linear. There are many more kg per Large in a 5W2 elephant than in a 5W horse, for example.  


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