Re: Re: Agimori; abilities

From: Merlin Cox <merlin_at_...>
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 18:35:45 +0100

David Dunham:

> >Man-and-a-half Cultural Keyword
> >Physical Skills: Large, Running
> I'd give them Tall, not Large.

You convinced me.

> I don't see anything about their hunting or ability to survive in
> Prax, their resistance to heat or their susceptibility to cold.

On a whim I put Resist Heat in the tradition keyword, to suggest it was part of their magical heritage. Though they don't resist heat, it just doesn't hurt them.

> >Personality: Brave, Proud/Boastful
> I ran my Agimori as more of a Spartan myself, more like Brave, Stoic.

Ours is proud and boastful! The player will, conceivably, 'play' the men-and-a-half later in the campaign, which you can't easily do with bigger cultures. I see how stoic works too. I'll post those keywords again if I develop them much. My main assumption was about the structure of the magic keywords. Since Greg's running games in Prax, maybe he'll tell us more about how he thinks the Waha tradition works. The relationship between Daka Fal ancestor worship and Waha/Eiritha (or Lodril) was never clear to me.

I've tried to synthesise Baba Ulodra mythology from Praxian, Pelorian and Doraddi material. His Secret seems to involve incarnating Oakfed, a done-right Fiery Expression. ('Lodril has a secret power smouldering deep within him. His heart is the source of the Wildfire, an untamable demon of conflagration which once threatened to destroy all of creation until silenced by Lodril.')

> >unless the Narrator allows you 'Lucky' as an ability
> I don't see why any Narrator wouldn't -- I know we've done it in
> Seattle. Of course, the Narrator may impose plenty of improvisational
> modifiers, or decide how the luck works ("Luckily, you broke your leg
> falling off a horse, and weren't in the stead when it burnt down.").

You could have luck as a magical Affinity, costing 3x the points to improve, which would fit the breadth of the trait: 'masters of luck and death' after all. We're not told much about luck in Glorantha, compared to what we know of will and power.


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