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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 10:10:07 -0700

Wulf answered me

> >If there were some circumstance where APs were combined (so that only
> >one of the people were actually rolling), then if someone left, I'd
> >probably deduct their full APs from the previous total. But I can't
> >imagine such a circumstance.

> Here's a few...
> 'You! Go get help!'
> 'You! We'll hold them off, go warn the village!'
> 'You! Don't let that one get away, follow it!'

I'd say these all take the follower's entire APs out of the fight (possibly reducing you to below zero).

> 'You! Help them out, they've lost too many men!'

This one is lending of APs, and would use those rules.

> ...and that assumes your followers are suicidal nutters who'll stick
> around when it's obvious they'll never walk away after the fight is
> over!

They are expendable bit actors. If this were the Star Trek game, most of them would be wearing red shirts... Followers are assumed to be extremely loyal.

They are also pretty specialized in their abilities -- yes, you could send one for help, but if their main ability was fighting, they might have a hard time convincing someone to help you. And in your example, they would have no tracking ability so wouldn't be able to follow successfully. They are one dimensional.

(Allies are far more useful, though less loyal. They may or may not add APs, depending on the circumstances.)

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