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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 08:29:02 -0700

Steve asked

> I was wondering, the score they get for followers, not the followers skill
> levels, does this represent the follower being available, around when
> needed? Or is it if you ask them to do something, how loyal they are etc?

Followers are always available. The relationship score is used when you ask them to do something outside their normal role. We sometimes use it as sort of a target number if you ask the follower to perform an independent action ("go ahead and bargain us into the oasis").


> How do we handle followers being attacked in their own right? Say you had a
> follower, adding to your AP total - and then they themselves get
> specifically attacked. Lets say that our intrepid hero, Bob, is engaged in
> a skirmish with some lunars, when a Lunar reinforcements arive right behind
> Bobs follower, Jim. They attack Jim, rather than attacking Bob directly, as
> Jim is closer.

Since they are already acting as a single unit, the attack is on the single unit (quite likely making Bob suffer the Multiple Attackers penalty).

> Do we treat this as an attack on Bob, or on Jim? If Bob and Jim have
> different equipment, whose Edge ratings are taken?

Neither, since we have wisely ignored equipment :-) Again, it's the edge of the single unit, which is likely Bob's.

The only way I'd really distinguish this is that if Bob etc. lose sufficient AP, it's Jim who goes down. It might otherwise be a different follower.

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