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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 13:45:31 -0700

Ken wrote

> Whoever suggested that such stuff was inconsequential to the Epic style of
>the game is full of _baloney_.

How can you say that without knowing my internal capacity?

I think you've just proved my point. It's really not necessary to do this sort of thing numerically. Drama is more important than trying to mathematically compare my balogna content to my intestinal volume. If I had room for another slice, it wouldn't make any difference to your argument.

> Not _every_ Character is ready to leap 40km in a single bound, perform the
>Red-Whirling Feat, and Kill-with-a-Glance right outta the box. Some might be
>interested in doing something as simple, and non-Epic in scope, as loading up
>a pack animal before making the trip along the road to Hero.

It has nothing to do with being heroic. It has to do with storytelling. The details of loading pack animals are almost never relevant to the story. Even when we ran trading caravans using RQ2, this sort of detail didn't matter.

Jeff added

>the last time I had to worry about weights like that was out
>in the real world -- just making sure our canoe was not overloaded with
>geological gear and we didn't end up on the bottom when we loaded our
>rock samples into it.
>But that's kinda dramatic innit?

Yup, so you'd make a roll of your Canoing ability.

Merlin wrote

>It looks like the nobles' abilities in King of Dragon Pass may have had
>HW numbers in mind, perhaps fair 11-20, good 1W-10W, very good 11W-20W,
>excellent 1W2-10W2, reknowned 11W2-20W2, heroic 1W3+
>(fair/good/excellent by inter-clan politics standards).

Not if it's my game. Mastery runes wouldn't appear until Excellent or Renowned. (But as Robin said, KoDP came first. And the ability ratings are around the earliest parts of KoDP.)


>does spells and other magic have points like magic points in rq
>or can you cast spells as many time as you like?

There are no magic points; you can cast spells repeatedly.

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