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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:56:38 -0400

David Dunham wrote:
> Jeff wrote
> >Yes, player heroes can 'pump up' before
> >every battle, but if you're going to give them time to do that before
> >every battle, then something is wrong...
> I'm eager to hear your suggestions for how else to handle a naval
> battle (I've been running a Second Age game, and when a Jrusteli cog
> and a Waertagi fastship close, it still takes quite a while). People
> have plenty of time on both sides to prepare.
> (And no, I'm not just being snide -- if there's a way to have
> surprise engagements without moving the action to Kahar's Sea of Fog,
> I'd like to know.)
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Good question.

However, how about weather magics? Fog, mirages, spume.

And playing aroudn with visibility on the sea is relatively easy, espeically if its a bright sunny day (and you have a higher top than your opponent). The sight ranges are just too long, though to preculde NOT having warning. However, that being said, if you can steal a march or get times

Even in later times, Royal Navy reports chase battles of hours or even days against privateers and the French.

About the only case I can think of, baring magic or some sort of weather ambush, is coming around a headland. But even in the Agaean Sea, with its innumerable coves and headlands, one often has to close for some time. The Norse sagas are sadly replete with closing ships, even mutually 'charging' taking time enough for folks to sing their death songs, have a beer and then sacrifice to the gods.

Pretty tough. Let me think about it....?


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