Re: First Session

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:21:48 -0700

> >
> > 3a. Is this iron unenchanted? Is unenchanted iron currently part of the
> > Glorantha setting?
> >
> > 3b. Is there any thought given to the ability of unenchanted iron to
> > easily penetrate lesser armor, etc.?
> In the game iron weapons have their weapon rank raised by 2. So a sword
has a rank of
> 3, an iron sword is rank 5. Normal armor is 3.

*Enchanted Iron* has the +2 rank bonus, unenchanted iron is good for, well, getting enchanted. Unenchanted Iron is the equivalent of Bronze.

> > 4. If a player lists Initiate of (Second God) in the list of ten things,
> > does this mean that he gains those affinities as well? The example is a
> > Devotee of Humakt who also wants to be an Initiate of Orlanth
> Devotees cannot be Initiates of other gods. Initiates can be Initiates of
other gods
> and then would gain the other affinities yes.

Yes they can, it just takes a lot of explanation (from the player to the narrator, from the character to the priests of the cults involved). Some cults probably have no problems, others won't let you evenb consider it. CA certainly won't let you initiate to a cult that teaches or encourages violence, frex.

The narrator has the power to make such a character have time or resource problems (those 60% & 30% resource restrictions could easily overlap, and probably do).


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