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From: miker_at_...
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:03:06 -0000

Why not? Don't limit your focus. What factors are important in the one side achieving its goal? Basically, what's the Tongue's plan of escape? Just because you're using the combat ability of a dragonsnail doesn't mean the goal is for the dragonsnail to kill heroes. Just because someone is trying to get away doesn't mean they need to use a "run fast" ability. They should only use "run fast" if they're trying to get away by running faster than their pursuers.

And I don't see a problem with using the Tongue's "run fast" ability to augment the dragonsnail's combat ability, in THIS situation. Why? Because it works towards the Tongue's goal: to get away. If the Tongue runs faster (assuming this is a factor in his escape plan), then the dragonsnail doesn't have to hold out as long, making success more likely.

This depends on not looking at the contest mechanic as "how to do things," but as "how to keep score." "How to do things" is a matter of how the involved parties choose to go about it.

> The original question was easier, since the trollkin's actual
combat skill
> is negligible - its really a contest between whatever the players
use and
> the lead trolls tactics skill, possibly augmented by his 'own
hordes of
> trollkin'...

As long as the troll's action involves defeating the players by superior tactics and the trollkins' combat ability.

Mike Ryan

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