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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 21:29:18 +0100

In message Re: Sub-cults, Hero Cults, Initiation and Devotees... Roderick answers me with pretty much what I thought the "right" answers would be anyway - with a possible query over

>> 1a) Can the Character subsequently become a devotee of Orlanth
>> Adventurous?
>Not without dropping his Devotion to Initiate - you can't be Devoted to two
>gods. He is using 90% of his resources (time, money, piety, etc) on the two
>gods right now. Two Devotions would require 120%.

So any Character who is a devotee of a god can never become more than an initiate in the Hero Cults of that God? Presumably if the Hero called that strongly the Character would reduce his ties to the main god from devotee to initiate to concentrate on the Hero Aspect. Since this is still an aspect of the same God this is unlikely to meat with too much opposition?

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