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I forgot to reply to this too.

At 12:13 PM 10/3/2001 -0700, you wrote:

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>>BTW, on a tangentially related topic I still believe that if someone
>>mundanely travels far enough from home then they are in a state of
>>mind/being that puts them on a Hero Plane even though the beings they
>>meet are in the Mundane Plane.

I too believe this is so. The edges of the world (Luathela, Altinela, etc.) however are neither "states of bineg/mind" nor are they in the mundane plane. In the same manner it is possible to sail to the edge of the sky and then up into the sky world (if you don't get caught in a bad current and fall over the edge of the world into the Underworld seas.)

>>How far is far enough depends of the
>>culture that they are from, where they go to and what/who they meet.
Not exactly "how far," because the distance is by definition immeasurable. But the various cultures' methodologies would determine "how quickly." Basically, it is always too far to get to by ordinary means. Extraordinary means are required, and even those may not be enough. The examples of people actually getting to the edge of the world by using physical means are pretty rare over all, though not unknown in any cultrue.

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