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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 12:59:08 -0700

> >> I assume you cancel out follower numbers, and apply what's left as
> >> Multiple Attacker modifiers? I seem to remember the WB&RM (as it was
> >> still called when I bought it :) counters represents about 250 troops,
> >> so Harrek & his 50 buddies would be at about -600! So it doesn't QUITE
> >> work... of course, if only 6 opponents can get at harrek at a time,
> >> that's different...
> >
> >Nope, under the rules (some people have suggested modofications) each
> >additional time you have to defend you get the -3 Multiple attacker
> >Since a composite greoup attacks only once, you don't have to worry about
> >it.

> Hmm... so if the army attacks as one 250-man unit, and Harrek defends
> with just his own ability, you ignore numbers, and use one Ability
> roll (with one hell of a lot of AP) on each side, but if the army
> splits into 5 50-man units, Harrek either fights at -12 (I think it
> was -3 per additional attack), or splits his followers too?

It depends on what the narrator and players feel is narratively important. If Harrek faces 5 attacks, he fights the first one at his normal ability, the second at -3, the third at -6, etc. Since we're positing that Harrek has 50 guys with him, and each enemy attack is 50 guys, we'll ignore the "each follower stops one multiple attacker" rule. If this is a weedy little Trashite 3-3-3 unit, I would not give them good odds no matter *how* many times they split their troop. If this is the Bloodspillers (6*-5-6-0), then it may take a little while longer, but he'll still win in the end. If he is facing Jar-Eel, then it will be a close-run thing (too close to call, really).

Note: as a narrator, I would not allow 5 50-man attacks against one man - the 6-1 rule applies more to single target-sized beings as the attackers. (if the target is a Brontosaurus, I'd allow more than 6-1 attacks if the attackers were human-sized, if the defender was a man attacked by Brontos, I'd allow *maybe* 2-1). Tactical considerations can change the 6-1 rule, naturally.

> Opponent loses or trades 1x bid: you may reduce AP loss by 7 to
> inflict a Wound
> Opponent loses or trades 2x bid: You may trade 14 AP for an Injury, or
> just 7 for a Wound (but not 14 for two Wounds)
> Opponent loses or trades 3x bid: You may trade 21 AP for a Kill, or
> 7/14 for a Wound/Injury

If you want to add rules, we won't stop you, but they *probably* won't become part of the official rules.


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