Re: Gaining Affinities & Feats

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:34:26 -0700

> My problem lies in the method of actually gaining Affinities & Feats.
> As I understand it, when a character starts play as an Initiate, he
> gains all Affinities at the same level, and can use all feats within
> those Affinities, but always at an Improvisational penalty. Right?


> A beginner character Devotee, meanwhile, knows all Affinities, and
> all Feats within those Affinities, at full level. Yes?


In both cases the Ability rating of the Affinity is the "Magic Keyword" level (17, unless your narrator has changed it).

Hm, you don't have access to the Theist Magic chapter, I'll warrant. Your questions are explained there, but in a nutshell:

> Now, my problem lies in the Character Development Costs table.
> Included there are entries for gaining new Affinities and new
> Feats 'Related to Session'. Now, how can you gain a NEW Feat without
> gaining a new Affinity, and therefore without becomming a worshipper
> of a new deity, and gaining ALL that deity's Affinities?

To gain a new Affinity costs 3 HP. This may mean joining a new cult, or may mean getting an affinity from a subcult of your cult (see yesterday's message about the differences in subcults). You gain the new affinity at 12, *not* the "Magic Keyword" level.

You can gain a new Feat in an existing affinity by "discovering" it during play (basically, use it once with a Improv. Mod, then pay a HP to "cement" it). Or you may learn a subcults specialty feat by asking them nicely :-).

>And how can
> such a gain be 'Related to Session', since I see no way to use an
> Affinity or Feat unless you ALREADY have it?

"Related to session" doesn't necesarily mean that you used it during the game, it can also mean that the character spent the session applying to the new cult/subcult for entrance or for knowledge of the affinity. If you just tell the GM "Oh, yeah, I want the 'Flying Sword' Humakt affinity from the Flying Humakti subcult" and don't spend any play time in actually going to the right place to contact the subcult, then it is "Unrelated to session". This is basically true for gaining *any* new ability. If you want to lear "Read New Pelorian", then you have to find someone to teach you - if you do it during play, then it's "Related", if you just declare that you did it, then it's "Unrelated".

> Related to this, how do you improve an Initiate to Devotee level, or
> make a non-Initiate into an Initiate?

"During Play:
If a character is initiated to a god's worship during the game, he must pay 3 Hero Points to gain the relationship at a target number of 12 or � his Worship (pantheon) rating, whichever is greater. He may also face tests by the priests of the cult, who will examine his faith and knowledge. He must spend the normal Hero Point costs to gain the affinities of the new cult."

"During Play
Characters must face the god or his appointed spirits as well as the priests of the cult. He must pay 3 Hero Points to gain the "Devoted to" Relationship at a target number of 12. A current initiate who decides to devote himself to the god may transfer his entire ability rating from "Initiate of" to "Devoted to."

"A character who devotes himself during play will gain one affinity for "free", but must pay normal Hero Point costs for the remainder. Devotees pay 1 Hero Point each to gain new feats in his affinities."

If you become a new initiate, you have to buy your new affinities (at a 12 ability) for 3 HP each .
If you "upgrade" from Initiate to Devotee within the same cult, you must pay 1 HP (each) to "cement" each feat.
If you become a devotee without being an initiate beforehand, then you have to buy each affinity before buying its feats.


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