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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 22:20:47 -0700

> 1. Most hunting can be accomplished with a single ability test by the
> hunter. Success bags enough meat (mainly small game) and critical success
> bags more than enough meat (possibly a large animal). With this method a
> skilled hunter in an area with plentiful enough game will rarely fail. A
> starting character hunter will have at least a 17 (and possibly a 5w) in
> appropriate skill. The Narrator adjusts the odds with modifiers. This is
> all well and good until a hunt becomes a major part of the game and the
> group wants to play it out.

As you probably already do, use this method when the hunt is not a high point. "Do we have enough food for today?" <roll> "yeah, no problem" "Okay, lets go clobber them Lunars, huzzah!"

> 2. In a simple contest against a deer, a starting hero will often wound
> deer in a minor or major way, but rarely get it in one shot. The deer has
> dodge of 15 (and its lowest ability is a 10, which means that it succeeds
> half of the time unless penalized anyway) that it can augment so that we
> can assume that it succeeds most of the time in its roll. Assuming that
> deer succeeds, even if the hunter gets a critical success (assuming a 5w
> ability, less than half of the time, including augments), the best result
> is a minor victory (a -1 wound). The deer bounds off and the blood trail
> (if any) must be followed. Even on a major victory, the deer will run off
> and must be tracked and finally killed (if we accept that Gloranthan deer
> are similar to real world deer). The deer must critically fail and the
> hunter must critically succeed for an instant kill (less 2.5% or 1/40
> chance given the numbers discussed previously in this paragraph). Since it
> seems that Orlanthi don't believe in torturing animals, this is an
> unacceptable outcome.[1] Beyond this, using these results makes my case 1
> (above) appear unbelievable. (Player: So when we go on unimportant hunts,
> we often succeed, but when we go on important hunts, we don't?)

I must admit that I'm not a hunter, but...

An alternate method:
If you use an Ability test to resolve the shot (after stalking or whatever you've done to get close to the deer), then a Critical = Complete success=1-shot kill, a 5% instead of 2.5% chance. You'd still need to have a contest leading up to the shot - which can be the Extended contest. Then the goal of the extended contest isn't "Kill the deer", it's "Get the deer in a position to get killed by my ability test"

> 3. Using Attract Game Animal as a surefire hypnotic technique seems
> possible, but then you don't need all of those other hunting skills, so
> not going to use it this way.

I'd probably have the player roll it vrs the Deer's (something - Wary, Nervous, whatever they end up with in Anaxial's) to get it into range - Marginal=no bonus, Minor =-1 to Deer's Dodge, Major=50% to deer's dodge, complete = deer lays it's head in your hand. Once you've completed the contest to get the deer in range, apply the modifier to the deer's dodge in a bowshot test (perhaps using the Ability test method above).

Don't let the players get away with having a marginal success with Attract give them a prime 12-point buck!

> 4. In an extended contest, the hunt can be played out as a series of

>From my understanding, most hunting is "leading up to one perfect shot", so
run the hunt as a way to give the player that shot - which you resolve in a different contest that gives you a better feel. Again, use the modifiers on the consequence chart in the final contest for the shot. (You might want to reverse the penalties shown so instead of a penalty to the deer, it's a bonus for the hunter).

> 5. What happened to Peaceful Cut? I was surprised to note its absence in
> the Odayla and Yinkin keywords. I'm guessing that it is too animistic.

Yeeeah, that's it.


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