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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 09:25:54 -0400

Tim Ellis wrote:
> David Dunham responds
> >Hmm, I don't recall Orlanth the Farmer in RuneQuest.
> No, but RQ3 contained Farmer as an occupation, and we know that many
> Sartarite Orlanthi "officially" worshiped Barntar...
> >The Hero Wars rules don't have all the keywords (occupational or
> >religious) for the Heortling culture. Since a Heortling book is
> >planned, why is this a surprise?
> It isn't, It was just the thought that KoDP is apparently reaching out
> to an audience beyond the realm of "old RQ Players", and if this
> audience is encouraged to pick up HW they may be surprised to find that
> Elmal (one of the 3 "major" gods in KoDP) is not mentioned at all...

True. The other problem is that Elmal is a sort of 'cross borders' deity. Celestial turned Storm.

And I think that empahsizing the Storm aspects of the Heortlings first is probably wise, especially with the new blood we are getting.

Been running demos of the game -- folks, go out and do it! Its actually a lot of fun. If you can teach, its a blessing.  

> >but that too will likely be remedied by a
> >Heortling book -- it's a lot easier to explain how to run clan
> >adventures when you have more space.
> I have wanted to create a clan ever since I saw the latter half of
> Robin's walk through of the process at the last Convulsions ...
> --

The downside of Dave's great game is that its' in the past... and Elmal's not quite the center of attention he used to be -- fortunately, Your Glorantha May Differ is the 4th law of Orlanth, I'm thinking.

Yeah, looking forward to the DIY Clanrules.


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