From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 21:29:51 +0100

David Dunham responds
>Hmm, I don't recall Orlanth the Farmer in RuneQuest.

No, but RQ3 contained Farmer as an occupation, and we know that many Sartarite Orlanthi "officially" worshiped Barntar...

>The Hero Wars rules don't have all the keywords (occupational or
>religious) for the Heortling culture. Since a Heortling book is
>planned, why is this a surprise?

It isn't, It was just the thought that KoDP is apparently reaching out to an audience beyond the realm of "old RQ Players", and if this audience is encouraged to pick up HW they may be surprised to find that Elmal (one of the 3 "major" gods in KoDP) is not mentioned at all...

>but that too will likely be remedied by a
>Heortling book -- it's a lot easier to explain how to run clan
>adventures when you have more space.

I have wanted to create a clan ever since I saw the latter half of Robin's walk through of the process at the last Convulsions ...

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