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Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 05:34:28 EDT

David Dunham:

<< > >Hmm, I don't recall Orlanth the Farmer in RuneQuest.


> This is very worrying come from you David. All this devotee this and
> devotee that divorced from
> the culture and the fact that farmers are now classed as bystanders
> makes me feel HW is taking a step back to RQ2.

 I don't see how it's so worrying. Am I losing my memory? I'm not aware of any Orlanth the Farmer stuff in RuneQuest (the Riskland campaign had farmers but not a subcult thereof).>>

    I suspect what he's actually referring to is the fact that farmer was clearly stated as a PC profession in RQ, which it isn't in the HW rulebook. If you want to play a typical Heortling carl, you'd have to improvise your own occupation keyword until Thunder Rebels come out.

    As for the magic keyword, RQ did, of course, have the Grain Goddesses, but then so does the HW rulebook, and that's got Uralda, too. Both are in ultra-short-form admittedly, but you didn't exactly get a huge amount of information on them in RQ, either. Compared with the cults you got in the RQ2 or 3 rulebook (as opposed to GoG, Cults of Prax, etc.) HW is miles ahead IMO.

     So I can only assume that what he's complaining about is that the lack of an occupation keyword means that such a profession is no longer encouraged for PCs, which he believes to be a retrograde step. To which my reply would be that there is space only for so many keywords in the basic rulebook, and IMO, the choice of which to include, and which to leave for Thunder Rebels was a good one. YMMV, of course...  

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