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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 09:47:54 +0100 (BST)

Roderick, replying to me :

> >That's your perogative, of course, but in Glorantha lone heroes *can*
> >stomp through masses of troops (hell, in stories from the real world they
> >do, too - look at the Song of Roland or Lancelot's rescue of Guenever for
> >examples).
>Followers *are* important. No-one is saying that *by himself* Harrek will
>take out a regiment of troops (1000 men to the regiment).

Actually, that's exactly what you said - in the bit I quoted, and you included in your reply to me. Of course if you didn't quite mean what you wrote, we have no disagreement on Gloranthan truth.

>Followers in HW do the following things for you -
>Lend APs.
>Keep multiple attackers off your back
>Allow you to attack multiple people with no penalty
>Can be sent on missions, make camp, cook, and all that other non-heroic
>stuff. If your hero has any pretension to herodom, he should at least
>have a faithful companion, if not a dozen bully-boys!

Now this puzzles me. If there is no penalty for attacking multiple people (providing the GM allows you to treat them as one group) what do the followers benefit? Or is this only a benefit if the opponents get to act seperately?

I still feel that a system that allows "Harrek vs. the Hordes of Stickpickers" to be either a certain, but long winded victory for Harrek, or an easy, quick win for the Stickpickers, depending on how the GM divides the opponents is in trouble.

>> Roland and various others that have been quoted here are a case in
>point -
>> they had their companions with them.
>But do you know their names?

Again, I suspect we aren't disagreeing here - the last thing I want is to have to name all the followers. I have enough trouble naming the major NPCs. I do want the faceless masses to exist though - but it appears we agree on that.

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