One shot, or not.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 02:26:03 GMT

Simon Hibbs:
> I'd very much like to
> have situations in which a character is grievously injured, and
> the priestess of Deezola goes into a trance, pouring much of her
> magical essence into healing him at the cost of exhausting herself
> for the foreseeable future.
> Now perhaps Hero Points will assume this role, I haven't run the
> game for long enough to realy get a feel for that.

One 'issue' is that HPs do nothing to distinguish magical abilities from non-magical ones (other than in the sense you could rationalise HPs themselves as some sort of 'core being' magic). One might argue that this is not doing anything mechanically "feel" like magic (and one could counter that it's not the job of the mechanics to do that, but that of description).

> Perhaps characters could be allowed to overstretch their abilities,
> gaining a temporary bonus above and beyond a normal augment, but
> at the cost of a long term penalty to the ability they
> overstretched?

This is sort of the logic behind the "assess penalty for failed augment against the augmenting ability" idea. Means you're not risking worsening the thing you're trying to do (e.g., brain that Venyr clansman), just your medium term ability to help you do it. Worth the risk if what you're trying to do is "important", relation to keeping your magic unhampered.

Benedict Adamson

> 2) In your example, you could model the action as an attempt to
> transfer APs.
> 3) 'exhausting for the foreseeable future' means putting her out of
> action: a level of defeat, so that could be modelled by attempting to
> transfer enough APs to send her to Major Defeat.

Doesn't work in many situations, though, such as more direct contests

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