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From: Michael Schwartz <mschwartz_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:11:30 -0500

Guy Hoyle wrote:

>Would any of the published cults so far be
>adaptable as some of the mystery religions?

If you intend your Ancient Rome campaign to be as magic-rich as Glorantha, I see no reason why you could not derive some of your magical keywords from cults like Yelmalio. Mithras is not a good Yelmalio parallel, however, being more of a Yelm type in my opinion, at least to the Cilicians who originally worshipped him. Read "Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries" for a good look at the mystery and secret society aspects of Mithras. There is another book which examines Mithraism from an occult standpoint, as a pagan cult, and a combination of the two is what I have in mind for the Mithraists in HW-Nephilim. Wish I could tell you the title of the second book, though it slips my mind. Alas for my library, all in boxes... :&#92;

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