Donandar magic keyword

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 09:02:43 +0200

        As one of my players wished to play a Donandari, and I couldn't find the keyword anywhere, I made it up. It's based upon Donandar's myth that can be found on the site and the cult write-up of GoG. If you can point me to other readily accessible sources I would be most grateful.

        Anyhow, this is how I see Donandar's keyword for now:

Runes: ???
Requirements: know (12+) at least one entertainment (entertaining?) ability Affinities: Entertain (Win Trust, Solemn Dance, Flattering Hymn, Battle Song, Entrancing Music)

                Illusion (Create Sight, Make Sound...) Great Secret: Harmonize
Other connections: worshippers are usually welcomed by the cults of Kyger Litor and Chalana Arroy. Recognized as a professional entertainer.

        A few words of explanation: the feats come from the myth, where they are attributed to Donandar himself or to his brothers. Frex Win Trust seems to be an ability of Skovari, while Donandar gifts KL with hymns "so enchanting and flattering... that she granted [him] her eternal friendship".

        Harmonize is Donandar's great secret because it says so in the myth, and it should not work like the RQ's spell. Or rather: that was just an aspect, but more generally it helps people work together, both mentally and physically (maybe turning rivals into friends, and helping them to help each other) - now, why a Donandari doesn't use it on the GD? ;)

        About the Switch Places spell: in HW it would be resisted with a bonus of +20 (teleport within line of sight). I don't think it deserves to be brought along. And speaking of Illusions: a feat for each sense (like the old spells)? Maybe with more creative names...

        Thanks in advance for every comment and suggestion.

	A Donandari Alex.

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