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Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 13:17:18 EDT

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<< > Harmony and Illusion IIRC.  

    I was speaking of HW runes. In Ttrotsky's write-up Donandar has [Theist] [Storm] [Orlanth] [Donandar] but IMO Donandar is not only connected to the Storm Pantheon, but also to the Solar and Earth Pantheons, through his brothers.

    So I think that every culture which recognise in his myths a brother of him sports a cult of Donandar, albeit in a different form. (A fertile field for God Learners) ;)>>

     Yes, the runic classification (as opposed to the runic affinities, which are indeed Harmony & Illusion) would vary depending on which 'version' of Donandar you're following. I stuck with the Heortling one for obvious reasons.  

<< > Not sure which I personally prefer, but you've forgotten mundane
> skills...

    Thanks, but I left out mundane skills on purpose, because I feel you have to be an entertainer to become a Donanadari (see the requirements) and not the other way around, and besides the actual abilities taught by the cult would vary too much according to cultural prejudices and tastes. Evidently the mundane abilities given in Ttrotsky's write-up are those that entertain the Torkani, but why not an "Improvise Poetic Strophe" (which IMO any Heortling skald should have)? >>

    There is no 'official' Heortling Entertainer keyword, so I had to guess what was in it (which I could leave out of the religious keyword) and what wasn't. Probably didn't do a spectacularly good job of it in that respect, but there you are.

<< > Trotsky has the Switch Places as the Secret, but has demoted
> Harmonise to a simple Feat, which perhaps give Switch Places it's
> rightful importance?

    I prefer Harmonise as the secret, because harmony is one of the fundamental elements of music (even though Donandar is not only god of music) and IMO it's more serious and resonant, whereas Switch Places seems to me a cheap trick worthy of Eurmal. "Blending all, making harmony out of cacophony, was Donandar's secret power" - I like this sentence! ;) >>

    My reasoning was that it's a pretty pokey power, which it didn't seem right to give to all the initiates. It's also somewhat secretive, though that's not quite what Secret means in this context, I admit. Certainly I wouldn't say your version is obviously wrong in that regard.  

<< Is it necessary for an affinity to include feats? >>



     Then the devotees would be no better than the initiates (aside from knowing the Secret).  

<< Perhaps I'll do as David suggested, and make it the secret of a hero cult.>>

    Makes sense to me.

<< Though this opens up another question: is Donandar cult big enough to have heroes>>

    I don't see why not. He may not have very *many*, of course...  


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