Re: Automatic augments: no more ranks?

From: simon_hibbs2 <simon.hibbs_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:59:25 -0000

> Whereas yours is a classic mistake many referees make of already
> deciding what the possibilities are and blinkering themselves to
> new ideas. You're in a rut with this idea that it's just another
> of enchantment, that's like denying a player the opportunity to
> improve his Running when he can be using Burst of Speed for a
> effect. You might think it's only useful for one use, but I see no
> such limitation, and, besides, even if it was, it simply replaces a
> fixed value of similar use.

Not so, I have proposed several ways I think this could be made to work (cheaper ability improvement using Enchant or Blacksmithing type abilities, proposed by yours-truly), I have simply pointed out that as presented it was extremely bad value for points. Having to allocate a 5W ability just to start the game with a Greatsword being an egregious example. Clearly some special rules would be required concerning the starting ability ratings of items, at which point much of the simplicity of the concept gets lost is special cases of the starting character ability rating rules.

I have a feeling the basic idea is going to get drowned in discussions of the minutiae. What soemone needs to do is go away and think through all the implications of this for other aspects of the rules, and how to fit it into character generation, and present a working draft.

Simon Hibbs

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