Re: Extended Advocacy

From: t_m_ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 10:19:16 -0000

> Michael Cule
> Argue eloquently against Extended Contest: 7W2

Augmented by his "I still hate Action Points 15W"... (at Rocococon last year I was talking to Mike and he said "I suppose I should give them another go with an unsuspecting GM and see how it goes" - only to sign up for one of my Games the next day... Asked for his comments afterwards, his response was as above.

You didn't quote Mike's point about not being able to model the hero who sacrifices himself to take out the enemy machine gun nest - which is a shame given the immediately preceeding discussion here of applying the penalties of Negative AP's as soon as they are incurred, and Andrew's example of a very similar case to Mike's.

In the game I ran this weekend at the Dudley Bug Ball, I allowed the Heros to use Missile fire to try and take out their opponents before they were closed with by saying that if the opponent was driven to 0AP the were out of the contest (Downed or driven off) but if the PC's were driven to 0 then they switched to a new CC Contest, with penalties based on their results of the previous contest. This was generous to the players (especially as I didn't think to give the foes "final actions" to really hurt the PC's), but as (a) the opponents were slightly tougher and (b)I was rolling an awful lot of "1"'s it all balanced out in the end. Next time I'll try and remember to use the "sniping" single contest rules *before* I start the contest!

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