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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:57:50 -0000

> In
> particular I think a lot of baggage is being imported from contexts
> the Lunars and other more "mystical" cultures, where this view of
> may in some sense be more grounded, to one like the Heortlings
where it's
> entirely the domain of "Eurmal Stuff".

Nevertheless I believe there are many characteristics common to magic from different traditions within glorantha, and that it's prefectly reasonable to talk about Gloranthan Death Magic, or Gloranthan Truth magic, so why not Illusions? Yes there are differences in implementation from tradition to tradition, and these reflect their different magical philosophies, but they are still all operating within the framework of the same cosmic laws.

> Given that the main purpose of a Trickster creating an Illusory cow
> would be to Pass Shoddy Goods, or to Have a Larf, insisting that the
> _only_ way to do this is to create a fully-aspected, substantiative,
> 100% operational bovine (with limited 'duration'), or to do that and
> self-consciously work down, which strikes me as precisely the sort
> physical creation that's immensely hard to do in Gloranthan magic,
> a little perverse.

In agree, I think a Marginal Success at the Create Cow feat should be rather comical and only marginaly cow-like. However a Complete Success should be, well, completely successful in creating a cow.

I'm interested in the potential of trickster, or other illusion magics, because this gives me more information about what's going on than the marginal cases.

Simon Hibbs

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