Re: Cowed by an Illusion

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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:28:48 -0000

> Surely being bound by the Compromise does not prevent gods
> from doing/being whatever it is they do/are. Uralda is/makes cows,
> presumably you need to have her involved in the making of cows (at
> least in the normal cow way). So, while Illusion magic could create
> bull that could fool Heortling observers, the ability of that bull
> procreate might reasonably be limited by the Illusion's ability to
> fool the Mother of Cows into sending a calf to the "serviced" cow.

But it _IS_ a cow, why should 'fooling' her be an issue?

> Fair enough. My point, though, was not about Trickster's
> ability to create cows, which he can do, of course, until the cows
> come home, but the ability of those cows to breed without more
> illusions.

I just think that they should be able to do anything a cow ought to be able to do - including procreate.

I imagine it like this. Things in the middle world of Glorantha (the material world out characters inhabit) are connected to various nodes, energies, powers, runes, etc in the otherworld. For normal things (people, creatures, objects) these links are essentialy permanent. Illusory objects exist and are physicaly real (not insubstantial), but their connection to the transcendent otherworld is sustained by temporary magic. When that magic expires, the link to the higher realm (runic powers, whatever) expires andf the illusion disintegrates.

If that model is correct (or at least sufficient), then there is no reason to believe that an illusory cow shouldn't be bale to procreate. It's offspring, if part of a mating with a 'real' cow or bull, is a matter for debate.

Simon Hibbs

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