Re: Re: Illusion

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:42:17 2010

> > > That's not how illusions work in Glorantha. For example, I would
> > > expect a 'fake' bull created by trickster magic to be able to
> > > impregnate cows.
> >
> > Even if the Trickster had no thought of or interest in such a
> possibility?
> > Even if he has no Uralda-connected magic at all?
> I think it is possible for him to do so.

Perhaps possible; I would think unlikely, in such circumstances.

Consider the case, already mentioned, where someone who's never seen an actual _Bos taurus_ creates an "illusory cow". They get some sort of jumbled up 'bestiary' style of animal, according to their expectations, not a "real cow". So why would someone whose only intention is to create a 'reasonable facimile' get anything more? Unless they 'luck out', or unless the magic concerned is somewhat directly connected to the "Platonic cow" in some real otherworldly sense (hence the point about Uralda magic). Which is certainly not unlikely as such; I can imagine bamfing cows being a pretty popular/'useful' Trick (here's a Feat I prepared earlier), but if you were creating a cow 'from scratch', using 'general purpose illusion magic' (if it makes sense to talk of such at all), it seems clear to me that 'fertility' would be something you'd have to set out to 'include' to stand any reasonable change of it actually happening.

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