Re: Re: Illusion

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:42:17 2010

Nic Hughes:
> >At least, if it were make "permanent"
> > (i.e. of duration > bovine life span), etc, then the only remaining
> way
> > to distinguish it would be via 'historical' magic, which would
> indeed be
> > an interesting -- if hopelessly difficult and over-engineered! --
> way
> > of giving a Lhankor Mhy and her 'Truth' magic a philosophical issue
> or
> > two to chew over. (Or at least make 'em spend some HPs either on
> > 'Illumination' or on 'Rationalise Furiously'...)
> >
> So what happens to that other classic Truth cult Humakt when a Humakt
> Rigsdal devotee wanders along with his See Past Illusion? Does he
> see a translucent cow that everyone else thinks is real? I think we
> can skip the 'Rationalise Furiously' HP, Greatsword should do just
> fine.

Good question. I can imagine this working in one of two ways: it's either finding the 'imperfections' in the Illusion (cow isn't fertile, has no substance, isn't "permanent", or whatever), or it works "forensicly" to determine whether something is of "natural" or of "magical" origins. I imagine the former is more likely, which would mean that a _perfect_ "illusory cow" would be literally undetectable. (And in general the more complete/fully-realized the illusion, the harder it would be to "See Past" with such a Feat.)


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