automatic firearms and AP bids

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Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:38:14 EDT

While i m really impressed by all the opinions and suggestions,i still dont see,how to solve the problem.
I would really be happy,with a simple rule for automatic fire,that is in the spirit of the existing HW mechanic,that is bidding high,for instance. First of all,please donīt forget,that the rules should apply to extended AND simple contests,to be of any value,right? I thought a lot about Bryans message: a burst is represented by a high bid,and his suggestions for exchange.While i lke the idea,it doesnt work for me.

The question is,what do APīs mean with gunfights? APīs are how well you are doing in a contest-they are not wounds or the power of a weapon.
So bidding high could mean:
-aiming for vital parts,like the body or head
-willing to kill

and bidding low could mean:
-aiming for limbs
-unwilling to kill/wound
-attacking on the run

The rank of a weapon determines the force of a weapon,thats added to the effectiveness of an attack.For instance: a broadsword rank 3.If you use a greatsword,thats not a bonus to your APīs but a higher rank(5).So why should firing a burst mean bidding more APīs-what makes the attack more powerful are the multiple bullets that hit,i.e. a multiplied rank as an edge,no?! When i attack with a burst and hit,all bullets would hit,if there was no recoil(think of lasers)and shaky hands :-) So theoretically the amount of bullets that hit,are all the bullets in the attack,but modified by range(distance of shooter to target)and recoil/length of burst.
The more far away your target is and the longer your burst is,the less bullets will hit.
Also i had the idea that all the bullets in the attack are treated as one single bullet,modified by range and augmented by the automatic feature of the weapon.
What you should also have in mind is that the rate of fire of more or less all automatic weapons is capable of emptying a normal 30 round magazine with one action/round.
But still no solution...maybe my perspective is incorrect,please help! greetings

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