Re:Re: Worldscale (was Abilityscale)

From: Toksickburn_at_...
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 05:15:37 EDT

Graham said:

<In the end, I think you need to realise that Hero Wars is not
<simulationist, whatever that means in an overtly magical world.

Iīm definitely a narrativist,but still i donīt see,how it can be,that all it takes for somebody,is to train a little bit(i.e.5W)and voila you can rival any horse in a race.
If i want to be able,to run as fast as a horse,thatīs superhuman and will need an ability with four masteries,no?!AND a good story that gives our hero the chance and a possibility to become that super-human. Why isnīt a horseīs RunFast ability something like 5W4????? If itīs all about a good story,for what reason do we need a bestiary at all?And what if the gamemaster doesnīt want a RunFast5W character to be as fast as a horse ??


P.S.:please note:iīm neither shooting nor disrespecting,just debating!

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