Re: House Rule: Divine Strike

From: giangero <giangero_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 06:49:19 -0000

Thanks to all,

I do not say I don't share your ideas or don't appreciate your suggestions (very useful indeed) but this bit raised a sub-question:

> In narrative terms, very different. In rule terms, they are all the
> same: a level of defeat short of complete defeat. The rules are
> deliberate unspecific about WHAT happens in a contest: knowing that
> have a 'minor victory' tells you little. The players (including the
> Narrator) decide WHAT that corresponds to in game-world terms.

If Krarsht (in my scene) wins, from her point of view, and achieves a major (not complete defeat), but doesn't get to keep the heroes and the disciple in her mouth, just enjoying a "morsel of power", isn't she in some way defeated? She hasn't accomplished her goal (to kill/devour/imprison for all eternity) the humans. I know that Krarsht is chaotic and she could be simply mad, but mind me, I don't want her to sound too easily "satisfiable", nor my players to think I have fudged to save their souls (even in a narrative way): that's one of the things I hate to do when I narrate.

I do not want shortcuts.

Is not the above a sort of (dramatic) shortcut? (from the point of view of Krarsht)


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