Re: Animism Rules

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 12:42:25 -0000

Further questions from the doubtful...

> A shaman gains AP from his fetch as a follower (and access to its
> abilities), which theists have no equivalent of within their magic
> keyword

I thought this only applies when the Fetch's abilities matched the action? Obviously this is true of any follower, but as we have no examples of a Fetch and it's abilities (or even how many it has), I still wonder...

> A skill spirit gives both an ability (or augment) and APs; this is
> better than a feat which gives no APs.

Again, I thought it was EITHER
a) grant an new ability
b) augment an existing ability and add AP I'm sure this was debated in the dim & distant past on this list.  

> Note that for the above reasons, I would be very hesitant to
> introduce too many 'spirit followers' as this is effectively what a
> fetish is.

Well, we have never used the 'sword fodder' followers anyway, so they have sufficient colour to be more than any fetish. Arabella (from 'A Tale To Tell', or rather the White Dwarf original, thanks Gian) is a CHalana Arroy Ghost, barely sane, trying to atone for her own acts as a med head ghost by curbing the murderous instincts of my spirittalker,  while the Wraith is a mass of nothing but pain and the memory of it's duty to keep it's family safe and well.  

> Guy was really hesistant to play a Kolating, but, I think, we are
> really getting into it now.

If I have to wait until next May, I may as well either retire her or make up my own rules for Serdrodosa...


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