Re: Another animist question

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:30:55 -0000

> 4. Where do the rules say that a
> congregation cannot support both
> crossing over and another step?
> Not so much an objection, as
> something I would allow, and I'm
> not sure whether its a house rule
> or not...

My memory is that this area of the rules was not edited correctly and, in particular, that the example heroquest of Hervalds Helm did not match the rules.

The congregation can support both, but they only give one bonus that can be split between the two. The mechanics is split between the Players book and the Narrators book. It took me several readings to get to my current understanding that the steps were:

1 - perform a ritual (using Mythology for Theists, Tradition Knowledge for Animists) that consolidated the bonuses from place, community, holy day, ritual equipment etc. The example was The Arming of Orlanth. There are no guidelines that I remember for the resistance to the ritual.

2 - Split the bonus from the ritual among crossover, bonuses for specific skills in specific stations, to carryover, etc..

3 - Crossover (using Mythology for Theists, Spirit World Travel for Animists), usually with a resistance of 10w3

4 - perform the stations

5 - Return, against the same resistance as the crossover but also with the bonus for crossover, plus any accumulated carryover.

There has been 1 major change, never fully detailed and/or put up on the Issaries site. Now, instead of consolidating all supporters into just one group and then if you have muliple levels of support, dropping the lower group back a row, you can say that each group separately supports a different part of the quest. For example, the big community group provide ordinary support for crossover, while your Humakti temple provides total support for the big fight.


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