New runes ?

From: Alain Rameau <karamo_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:31:26 -0000

I noticed on the new Hero Wars web pages, that the design of some runes have dramatically changed.

Could someone explain the rationale behind these changes ?

I guess that the new Mineral Rune is Mostal's one ? While the Earth Rune is now more related to agricultural gods and goddesses such as Ernalda ?

Why is the Moon rune now called Balance ? is it a brand new concept or do the Lunar consider both the same ?

Is Cosmos a brand new concept, or just a new name for Law (cosmic order ?)

Is the old Chaos runes still in existence or is replace for all purposes by the new one ? What such change ?

Same question for the Plant Rune. May be this rune is more adapted to Brown Elves (broad-leaves tree design) while the former rune was (IMO) slightly more fir-tree design (Green Elves) ?

And finally, the Beast rune also change slighlty, with the "Truth" symbol in the center being replaced by a dot. Any reason as well ?


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