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Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 20:22:28 -0700

Philip wrote

>It can be really annoying, though, to take an ability like
>"invisibility" in character creation, and then when you come to use it in the
>game, it's useless because the referee has crippled it.

Sure could be -- so how come you and your narrator aren't going over the characters together at the start? (That's what we've always done.)

>It's somewhat surprising that there is no Elmal writeup, or even mention, on
>the Issaries web site, other than the Q&A.

It just occurred to me that the only official info on Elmal is in King of Dragon Pass (you get a myth to heroquest), though it's at a clan level rather than individual, so I wouldn't necessarily go one-to-one. Nevertheless, the blessings are


and these may well correspond to affinities Horses, Defense, and Sun.

An early draft in fact gave him those three affinities (plus Combat, which is no longer used and would be subsumed under Defense, and Loyalty, which certainly makes sense).

Douglas asked

>Am I mistaken or is the old Lunar Rune now called "Balance"?

I'm away from my sources, but I recall from RQ 1 and 2 that it was always considered a Balance rune.

Trotsky gave a list of affinities for Yelmalio (Truth and Light). Oddly, there's no combat magic, which seems kind of strange for a god who's associated with mercenaries. Perhaps this would be additional feats to Staunch Defense.


>I've had 43 posts, (no, 44) in the last 19 hours. Come on people, my
>modem's beginning to smoke.

Why not switch to the Digest form?

He also asked about the Grievous Wound, which is an optional rule.

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