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[IMO] It's far easier to use a nested simple contest rather than setting AP requirements for particular effects. However, one way you could tackle it is to allow the actor to trade 7 action points to lower an opponent's edge by ^2.



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> > >Right, but the loss of the spear had nothing to do with the AP
> loss; the
> > >AP loss indicates how much of a problem it really was. The loss
> of the
> > >spear was purely a result of the narrative.
> >
> > I have been thinking about allowing the 7AP trade for a hurt to be
> used for other effects,
> > such as losing a weapon or damaging armour. Have not got much
> further that thinking
> > about it though.
> On a similar vein (vampire joke), I have been trying think how to
> work Shield Breaker into an actual event of breaking their shield.
> Previous discussion has been around absorbing it into the AP system
> or running it as a simple contest within the AP system. What I want
> is an action that deprives them of their shield (lowers their
> defensive edge) but is not an easy task such that they do it all the
> time. Taking into account magical and or rune metal shields, shields
> of quality or large sheilds etc...
> Just to head off narrative answers, I would like a system based
> answer... perhaps equate a shield to an AP bid? You have to bid X
> AP to destroy this shield and specifically say that is the aim of
> your attack and have Shield Breaker running... but what AP bid
> seems appropriate? and how much stronger is a magical shield to a
> normal one?
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