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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 23:19:51 -0700

> A Guardian is an emanation and has a Blessing spell to aid its
> members (assumedly as an augment)... how long does this blessing
> last generally?

A scene, just like other magic.

>If you have a group of people who leave the Guardian
> at home on small missions, does it bless them as they leave ("Heres
> your lunch money boys, be a good!") and that blessing lasts till
> they return?
> How long is reasonable?

No. Well, sorta no.
Normally, you have to drag the guardian along if you want to use its powers. When you want them, you say "Hey Guardian, Give us all [blessing]". However, if it is the Guardian of a geographical location (such as a Clan Tula, or a City), then it can probably interact with the band while they are on it's "turf". It can "hear" them even if they are miles away.

Guardians are necessary to carry Community support to Heroes when they are Heroquesting, but they are then acting as conduits only, not giving their own blessings.

> If it is manifest, and runs along with the party what happens when
> it is killed or lost (by all the party being wiped out?)

Well, if the party is all killed, then it doesn't much matter to them :-). However, if some of them stagger back home after having the snot beaten out of them and losing the guardian, then they will have long and arduous rituals to get it back. It might not be possible to get it back at all.

Breaking/Killing a guardian's "home" releases the guardian back into the world from whence it came (usually the "Middle world", but occasionally one of the otherworlds).

Plus, I have a feeling that you can "imprison" the captured Guardian by not destroying/killing it, but stuffing it away in the back of the closet where no-one can get to it. Say our Ancient Dara Happan regiment goes marching off to war, and gets clobbered by some stinking hill barbarians. They take the Sacred Sun Standard off to their reeking shantytown, and bury it deep underground (give it to Ty Kora Tek!). Until the standard is "killed", the Guardian inside it can't escape, and is not "available" for the regiment to re-embody. Bye bye regiment!

In any case, a band that loses its Guardian is in big trouble, and only big effort has a chance of getting the guardian back.

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