RE: [HW-Rules] Misapplied Sacrifice

From: Dave Bailey <db_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 09:27:49 +0100


        Personally I think so yes. Looks to me like Shamans are trained practitioners of Ecstatic Worship, Priests are trained in Sacrificial Worship. A given practitioner would use his own method of worship so the Priest would use sacrifice to contact the Snow king which, because he's using sacrifice gains affinities/feats but at a higher cost because his call is going via the God Plane. Your spirit talker would presumably be using Ecstatic worship to contact Firshalla (on the spirit plane?) and would be gaining spirits/fetishes at no penalty. At least that's how I think it should work but the examples in the book don't make me feel too confident......


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> > OK I'm a little confused maybe....
> >
> > Looks to me like Kolat has an Animist set-up even though it's
> associated (if
> > on the perifery) of a theist culture.
> It has been commented (somewhere...) that CERTAIN Animist cults (or
> whatever) are within the Orlanthi sphere, and are accepted culturally
> and magically as fitting into their traditions. So Kolat's OK,
> presumably Eiritha wouldn't be?
> Question though: Is it Kolat who is accepted, or the Kolati Spirit-
> Talkers? Point being, can the Kolati sacrifice to ANY spirit or would
> only those within the accepted list be OK? Specifically, one of my RQ
> Shaman characters, now re-written as an Orlanthi Spirit-Talker,
> discovered & worshipped Firshalla, in Griffin Mountain. Can she
> continue this relationship without suffering from penalties all round?
> Wulf
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