Re: Dealing with Talents (was Re: Three Worlds Headaches)

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:49:02 +0100

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 12:53:47PM -0000, Ian Cooper wrote:
> Ah but for a new character this possibility, that if you want to
> concentrate, you will loose elements from outside your
> specialization is clear from the beginning. Hence my observation
> that so far folks who want to concentrate have tended to do so from
> the start, not during play.

Sure, you can 'micro-managingly mini-max' to avoid being so hosed, as someone else put it. But you'll need to go some distance further to convince me it's actually A Good Thing.

> In addition it does make concentration a choice - you have to give up
> something to get the cheap point cost. So its not for everyone. If
> you could just keep all your abilities who wouldn't bother to
> concentrate, or who might have to chose which route to follow.

I agree making it a (non-no-brainer, as it were -- is that then just a brainer?) choice is a good thing. You'll perhaps recall my suggestion that concentration, instead of moving you from double cost/double cost to single cost/impossible, instead did something like single cost/quadruple. The 'choice to make your character less distinctive' option seems to me to be a poor one to choose to offer, however.  

> >> Secondly, ask the same question about a troll devoting to
> Orlanth. Or a human woman, to jump back on an old hobby-horse.
> Exactly which of their innate magics do they have to give up to
> become "like Orlanth"?<<
> Remember that initiation is often a re-birth. Indeed Trollpak
> suggested that initiation into Kyger Litor or a human resulted in re-
> birth as a troll. So that context is perhaps more obvious than those
> who concentrate without such a ceremony.

So far as I know there's no Heortling ritual of rebirth, so I don't see how that helps us in *this* instance. There are documented cases of troll Orlanth worshippers, and so far as I know they didn't cease to be trolls. (Were they devotees in the HQ sense? Dunno, can't recall, were any of them 'rune levels', in old money?)


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