Re: Lunar Sorcery

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 05:00:01 EDT

Mark Mohrfield:

<< Just got my copy of HW and (of course) I've got some questions, the first of which is; when a member of a Lunar sorcery school learns a spell from a non-lunar school of sorcery, is that spells ability rating affected by the Lunar cycles?>>

      I'd say 'no'; by analogy with RQ, its the effectiveness of the spell that's altered, not the power of the magician. However, the opposite case could equally be made - especially as my interpretation would seem to give a strong motivation for Lunar sorcerers to learn non-Lunar magic, as, under official HW rules, until they have the Secret, there's plenty to gain and nothing to much to lose by doing so! Good question for the FAQ, I'd suggest, as the answer seems far from clear from the rulebook.


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