Re: edges/handicaps & simple contests & miscellanea

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 11:16:12 -0700

> Sorry if these have already been gone over, but could someone briefly let
> know:

> 1) edges/handicaps seem to be used regularly in the contest of extended
> contests. What are their impacts/effects in regards simple contests?

Absolutely none. Some people don't like that, so there have been ideas bruited about to convert them into bonus/penalty from the augmentation chart, or other ways of using them if you *really* must use them in simple contets

> 2) simple group contests - as I understand it, it's group a vs. group b.
> take the lowest roll of each, +3 for each failure in the group, +6 for
> critical failure in the group, yes? wouldn't it make sense to -3 for each
> success and -6 for each critical success, too? As it is, then a "group"
> 1 has a better chance of success than a "group" of 40. Certainly, the
> of 40 is going to have good odds of having a "1" as their roll, assuming
> average skills of 12 (just as a random example) they are going to also
> 16 failures and 2 critical failures, for a total value of 61. No matter
> what the single guy rolls, he wins. What am I missing?

Compare the "Best result" - the adding is done to break ties. If the group of 1 rolls a success, and the group of 40 rolls even 1 critical, then the group of 40 has won. Looking over the rules, I see that I failed to really say that, but that is certainly the intention. The Group of 1 vrs group of 40 can illustrate the old saying: "Too many cooks spoil the broth" - the guys are getting in each other's way/shouting over each other/trying to use too few resources among too many people/etc.

> 4) Question for people in general: you have the typical roleplaying
> guy with two handed sword, vs. nimble thief with dagger".
> Certainly there's the class difference for weapons, but if the thief has
> "Agile" or "Nimble" - would you give him an improv penalty?

For dodging away from the sword? heck no! For coming up with "I dive between his legs and hamstring him on the way by"? probably not.

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