Re: Augmenting Armour Rank and giving hindrances

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 08:01:59 -0000

I'd use that one defensively, as it says 'shield'. I'd also allow it to augment stealth or ambushes, and even hide from Uz darksense.  

> Also do talents like his "Screech of Pain" which in the combat
tactics be
> used to create a hindrance on his using their resistance plus the
> of the desired edge, if so it would be pretty difficult to inflict a
> "useful" hindrance on someone. Or would it be used in a simple
contest in
> which case these sort of talents/feats etc are pretty powerful. I
know that
> both cases could be used as this is the nature of the rules but I
would like
> some supporting option/ consensus.

Erm... I think the first part of this gor a bit garbled? Unfortunately I'm now at work and can't take a look for myself, but if using it to cause an enemy a hinderance, I'd use a Simple Contest against the enemy's resistance PLUS the resistance of the required hinderance. In an extended contest, same thing I think, but the strict rules do not seem to allow causing hinderances in extended contests, just AP losses and 'Penalties' AKA Wounds.


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