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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 21:01:12 +0000

On Tuesday 16 Mar 2004 7:42 pm, Steve Rennell wrote:
> Hi All,
> My game is running pretty well on the whole, and the players got into
> their first actual fight. Of course, that brought up all sorts of rule
> questions...
> There's a vingan devotee trying to use her "run on treetops" feat to
> move quickly over the forest in such a way that she can get behind the
> broo that are chasing the parties hunter. I was making her roll for the
> feat every time she wanted to start again (i.e. she ran to one spot (1
> roll) threw a javelin at a broo, and ran to another spot (1 more roll)
> and threw another javelin.

> I'm not sure - any opinions? Should I roll for the "activation" of the
> feat, and then let her run on treetops until she gets back to ground,
> or should I make her roll every time she stops and starts?

I assume you were using an extended contest for this combat? If so, I'd say that the Vingan's running over the trees were her actions in those rounds of the extended contest. Successes in the dice rolls could mean the broo are outmanoeuvred (they loose APs); failures could mean that the inexperienced Vingan got tangled up in the trees. She would only suffer a lasting effect if she ran out of APs.

> Incidentally, the hunter (running for his life from 4 broo) discovered
> he didn't have a run skill, and was rolling against 6 (+2 for his
> movement affinity).
> He asked whether it was possible to use his movement affinity as his
> base rather than his non-existant running skill. I wasn't sure. I think
> he can "improvise" a feat that devotee's of Orlanth the hunter have,
> but not just use the affinity as an ability. Am I right? Was I being
> unreasonable? (suffice to say, he spent a hero-point on a Running skill
> afterwards...)

See p. 118 of the rulebook. He can improvise a 'Flee from Broo' feat at -10 from his affinity, which he can never cement. He would probably be best off rolling against the normal 6+2 rating, and then spending a HP to get a proper 'Run Fast' ability.

> Answers gratefully received...

Hope these help.


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