sorcery rules & improv tasks (separate)

From: Steve Lieb <steve_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 23:11:26 -0500

Alain opines:
> I like the new magical classification, except the sorcery one.

And Michael chimes:
> I agree with just about everything Alain said here but especially with
> this point. I don't think the rules as they stand serve sorcerers (as
> opposed to Church Wizards) terribly well.

I think essentially what you've both pointed to is the difference between Malkioni and Zzaburite.
The rules as illustrated cover Malkioni. You're right, they don't say much about Zzaburites, but they also don't say much about Aldryami, Mostali, Draconic, or a whole host of other magical paradigms.

I don't think it seems exceptionally difficult to infer "pure" sorcerer rules from that of the Malkioni. Instead of going to a Saint to learn a spell, you research it.

In terms of improvisational tasks, what would people think of the idea that you simply cannot improve a skill if it was used with an improvisational modifier, but you COULD use an HP to 'cement' that improvisation at it's starting level?
For example, the guy with "close combat (sword and shield) 15" grabs an axe. IMO, I'd probably give him a -5 improv penalty. At the end of the adventure, the player could NOT use the hp to improve the raw close combat score, but could start himself an axe skill at 10. But then, the rules say that if he wanted to learn Axe after the adventure, he could for one and start at what, 12? Hrm, gotta think about this.

In any case, it gives us a reason to have check boxes by our skills again! :)

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