Minor magical healing; augmentation; p. 240; Rabbitology

From: Merlin Cox <merlin_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 00:25:09 +0100

These are both Glorantha questions as much as rules questions:

Minor magical healing can be done by certain weak spirits and sorcerous spells, but what about for theists? Is it something that almost every initiate can do, or limited to obviously applicable affinities, or based on subtler or cultural factors, or what? I don't remember what Greg Stafford's said specifically about this.

Augmentation attempts backfire more often than simply fail. Is this how Glorantha is, or was it just felt that it wasn't worth making an exception to the simple contest mechanic? The obvious alternative is for a marginal defeat to result in no effect.

The durulz on p. 240 has proportions more like a man-size duck. Was the artist misinformed? It may be a mistake, but everybody benefits.

http://www.wizards-attic.com/Rabbitology.html When Duckology?


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