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Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 10:29:22 +0100

Prax Stuff:

I have all the official/fan Praxian publications and ran a PDP praxian nomad game, so naturally converting this to Hero Wars is something I've been thinking about.

The biggest change would have to be the shift from theist to animist and this is where I'm having trouble.
Praxians have always had tribal shamans. No problem there, they are covered nicely (I can see both ancestor worship and local traditions). There are lots of strange spirit cults in Prax, again these are covered in the animism rules.

It's the "Cults of Prax" I have the problem with.

Waha, Eiritha and Storm Bull are not gods anymore? (the website still says they are).
All those RQ initiates/runelords/priests are now walking around with fetishes instead of rune magic or magic abilites. The poor old tribial shaman now has to provide all the tribial magic by handing out these fetishes to everyone and refilling the used ones (surely a 24/7 job).

Possibilities for Hero Wars Praxians:-

  1. Praxian tribes have loads of shamans, a Waha shaman, an Eiritha Shaman, a Storm Bull shaman etc
  2. Praxian tribes are a mixed blend of animism and thiest.
  3. Praxian tribes are just crap at magic. The tribial big wigs have a few fetishes/spirits, Joe Bloggs has a fetish if he is lucky.


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