Re: rune metal enchantment question

From: bethexton_at_...
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 18:46:30 -0000

Sooooo, essentially to be used a rune metal has an "enchanted to be hard" (or enchanted to be as hard as bronze, or something) ability. For some of them, so long as they have this ability at any level, they just work like bronze (frex tin, or copper used to make a sword). This enchantment level should be tracked, as it may be used in odd circumstances (such as to damage something with a "immune to weapons" ability, where you might match that against the enchantment ability).

A few metals (lead on bludgeoning weapons, copper in armor/shields) gets a specific bonus equal to the automatic augment of that "enchant to be hard" ability.

Now, if an enchanted lead mace had the "crushing blow" enchantment in it as well, it would get 1/10 of the "enchant lead to be hard" ability, plus, as called upon by the wielder, the augment from the "crushing blow" ability, right?

I _think_ I get it now, although I need to think through how this interacts with 'vague references' in starting write ups a bit more.

> So an "Enchanted Gold Spear 17" gets the +2 additional add for
being made of
> Enchanted Gold. A "Shining Light Spear 17" doesn't, unless you
convince your
> narrator that it is *also* made of enchanted gold. Is the extra two
words in
> your 100 words worth it? :-).

But this would be two _seperate_ abilties, "enchanted gold" and "shining light spear" with two different ratings, raised seperately, right?

Now, one more question: Does using an enchanted rune metal count as one of your three magical augments? Or does it come in "for free"?


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